Eric Ebinger has been well received at locations all across Northern Ohio including Mac’s Backs Bookstore in Cleveland Heights, The Rutherford Hayes Library and Museum in Fremont, The Sandusky Public Library, The New London Public Library, The Berlin Heights Historical Society, Wakeman’s Danielion Floral Shop and Event Center, and The North Fairfield Historical Association where Eric drew a crowd of 120 locals for his presentation, Lincoln: More than a Monument.

Eric is available to speak at Rotary Clubs, School Assemblies, Classrooms, Social and Civic Clubs, Historical Societies and Associations, as well as private groups.

Here is a comprehensive list of Eric’s programs: Please contact Eric for scheduling fees and information EricEbinger(at) (The “Y” in the email is not a typo.)

The Lincolns Are Coming to Dinner: A Neighbor’s Unique Perspective

Ever wonder what the neighbors of Lincoln felt about Ol’ Abe and Mary? Well, now you can find out! In this presentation, Eric portrays a Springfield neighbor who has just learned his neighbors, the Lincolns, are coming to dinner. He is a man not quite ‘fond’ of the couple, and it shows. The Lincoln story is told through gossip and off-handed remarks. Audiences are sure to chuckle and gasp as the ‘real’ story of Lincoln is told. Don’t worry- the presentation ends with a positive and thoughtful Present Day reflection of the Lincolns.

The Roosevelts Are Coming to Dinner: Nicholas Longworth Spills the Beans

Nicholas Longworth was two very famous people at the same time: Speaker of the House (Congressman from Cincinnati) and Alice Roosevelt’s Husband. And as Alice’s husband, he had an up close personal view of our nation’s most fascinating couple: Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt, not to mention Alice herself, who held court on the Washington political power players from 1901 when she arrived in Washington until her death in 1980. Ebinger (through Longworth) leaves no stone unturned as he dishes on the Roosevelts, the Hardings, the Hoovers, and a lot on himself, too. Audiences chuckle and gasp at the gossipy, sometimes inappropriate humor of Longworth. The program ends with the ‘real’ Eric Ebinger presenting the rest of the story in a thoughtful, historical perspective.

Lincoln: More than a Monument

This program includes vivid film, historical music, and a compelling narrative showcasing the life and words of Abraham Lincoln. Richly bringing Abraham Lincoln to life with seldom heard stories and reflections, Ebinger weaves the life of our 16th President alongside modern film of the locations where Lincoln made his mark. The program is a thoughtful retelling of the Life of Lincoln, focusing on stories and anecdotes that make the marble Lincoln come to life. The program ends with a riveting musical montage featuring film from the 150th Anniversary Re-Enactment of the Lincoln Processional and Funeral from Springfield, Illinois on May 2, 2015.

The Kennedy Legacy: Before Dallas

John F. Kennedy was brutally assassinated on November 22, 1963. The shock of his untimely death often skews the Kennedy narrative and legacy with sympathy. This program removes the story of his death and focuses solely on the story of Kennedy’s life. With the compelling use of Kennedy’s own words and voice, Ebinger crafts a moving tribute to the man most remembered by the tragic way he died, not the courageous and inspirational way he lived, (and governed.) Even the most loyal Kennedy enthusiasts are sure to learn new aspects of the Kennedy Administration and life.

Rutherford Hayes, We Hardly Know Ye

Based on Ebinger’s 2016 Biography of Hayes, 100 Days in the Life of Rutherford Hayes, this program is a fast-paced retelling of the life of a very ambitious, thoughtful, adventure driven man, our 19th President. 99% of the stories have never been heard before, as (unfortunately) the life of Hayes is often relegated to one sentence in the history books. Hayes lived an extraordinary life, and Ebinger weaves a tale which leaves some audience members stunned, uttering the words, “I never knew Hayes went through so much!”

The Legends of the Firelands

What do Rutherford Hayes, Abraham Lincoln, Paul Brown and Walt Disney’s Mother all have in common? They all have roots in The Firelands. The Firelands is a tract of land including Huron and Erie Counties. After the Revolutionary War burned through Connecticut, reparations (free land) were provided to Connecticut families seeking to relocate in the Northwest Territory. The stories of The Firelands are fascinating! This program tells short stories, combining the history of the Firelands with present day facts and figures. If this program interests you, contact Eric about a special Van or Bus tour in the making. ericebinger(at)

For Schools, Youth Groups, and Others Interested in writing:

Write, Now! 

In this program, Ebinger provides vivid details on his writing and publishing adventures- all the while encouraging and supporting the audience with positive examples of how they, too, can become writers.  Perfect for school groups and classrooms.
Please note: Each program can be tailored to fit any time frame, from a half hour to two hours. 


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